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LOVE YOUR WORK July 15, 2008

Posted by nhet in POEMS, WORK.



 If you don’t like your work,

You’ll need three times the energy

To force yourself to work

To resist the force

And finally to work.


If you love your work,

Your desire to do it

Will be like a wind

To propel your ship

With much less fuel.


If you like your work,

You work no more

For work when you like it

Is work no longer

But sheer enjoyment.


If you enjoy your work,

You’ll work and work

Without counting the hours

And you’ll reap and enjoy

More earnings as well. :)

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1. ces - January 3, 2009

i’ve been searching for this poem bcoz of its inspiring and motivating words.

mimi - August 1, 2010

The first poem I’ve ever learned to read at age 5 which my mama and papa taught me, and I’d memorized them before.

2. karen luminarias garcia - July 23, 2009

this poem is written by my late uncle…i grew up with this poem and has been my inspiration until now…

3. shovy - July 16, 2010

i really love this poem……..i have copy of this poem since late 2000 or 2001 or 2, and that time i was a grade 5 student and now I’m a 4th year college student….and that copy before i lost…and now i try to research it …and i found it…nice.^^

4. cielo - July 24, 2010

ive become interested with this poem since i read this once, therefter, i’ve decided to have a copy of this and make it as ONE OF MY FAVORITES.

5. ronnel - October 16, 2010

i’ve read this poem printed at the back cover of our notebooks when I was in grade school.. From then on, I have never forget how inspiring it is.. Good thing i was able to fing it here. thanks

6. Sarah Cobin - June 17, 2011

very nice poem!!!

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